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Fish Moxie Services

The Fish Moxie experience ensures that all of our guests enjoy themselves to the fullest extent, every time.

Whether we are in a bigger or smaller body of water, we are bound to make some catches with our fishing knowledge, experience and effort.

Never worry about learning the fishing ropes beforehand. Educating our guests is what Captain Matty thrives off of.

At Fish Moxie, it’s all about the guest, and we hope that you enjoy our time spent together, adventuring the lakes of Northwestern Michigan.

Fish Moxie Pricing

Traverse City Fishing Guide Services

Two fishing packages are available for you to pick from when booking a ride with Fish Moxie:

Half Day

 4-hour duration

Up to 3 people


Full Day

7-hour duration

Up to 3 people


All the fishing equipment needed for the trip is included in both packages, besides your desired choice of refreshments.

What you Need to Know About Fishing with Fish Moxie

We have customers ask if they need to have a fishing license to ride with us and the answer is, yes.

Clients over the age of 17 must have a Michigan daily or seasonal fishing license.

To find out more information or to purchase a fishing license, visit this site.

While Fish Moxie doesn’t require you to bring anything on board, you may bring snacks and refreshments of your choice.

Captain Matty will contact your group a few days before your trip out on the waters, to ensure that you have all the information that you need for our fun journey.

The weather is unpredictable, especially in Michigan. Deposits will be refunded if foul weather prohibits our trip from happening.

Fish Moxie has the proper safety protocols in place of an emergency, and we guarantee there to be an excess amount of life jackets on board at all times.

Get acquainted with the art of fishing with the angling experts at Fish Moxie.

The fishing journey of a lifetime begins here.

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