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Showing Off Catches Of The Day | Catered Fishing Trips | Fish Moxie

About Fish Moxie

A fully licensed fishing guide with a compassionately experienced crew, specializing on the breathtaking, inland lakes of Northwestern Michigan, we welcome you to Fish Moxie.

Fish Moxie offers friends, families and groups of all ages, a relaxing opportunity to learn about the techniques involved in fishing, while enjoying and appreciating the prized catch.

Captain Matt (better known as Captain Matty) does whatever it takes to ensure that your experience with us is always pleasant, safe and entertaining.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride around scenic Michigan, with Fish Moxie.

Fish Moxie Background

We always get asked why we named our business Fish Moxie?

Fish Moxie represents a sense of passion and adventure in lake life living, water hunting and fishing.

The thrill of catching fish gets us excited at Fish Moxie. From dusk to dawn, we are always ready to take on a challenge and capture some big grabs.

Fish Moxie is a force of character and determination in the greater Grand Traverse Bay fishing industry, including Leelanau, Benzie and Traverse City.

Father And Son Fishing Trip | Fish Moxie

The Fish Moxie Experience

Led by Captain Matty, Fish Moxie is a licensed fishing guide service, specializing in teaching techniques used in our local fisheries.

The Fish Moxie crew shares the passion, excitement and appreciation of prized catches, all while providing the education and knowledge base to respect the resource.

Having a “Master Captain” on board like Captain Matty, helps the experience go that much better, cleaner and smoother.

Captain Matty has a Master license through the USCG and is also a member of the National Professional Anglers Association.

Being a proud member of the Northwest Michigan Fishing Club allows Captain Matt to stay updated and informed on the latest reports, techniques and conditions for some of his favorite fish species such as Walleye, Perch, Pike and Inland Lake Trout.

We don’t only fish for our favorites, we fish for yours too.

Our specialties and strengths are in Walleye, Perch, Pike or Lake Trout, although we pursue whatever fish the guests would like to catch.

At Fish Moxie, we primarily spend most of our days on Long Lake, Lake Leelanau or Green Lake in Interlochen. However, we can find and fish any lake of your choosing, including the waters in the Grand Traverse Bays.

The boat that we fish on is a 19’ open deck, Tiller-style boat and fits 6 people.

This capacity includes the Captain, so we appreciate that you keep your party up to 3 people maximum.

Also, please keep in mind that fishing with 3 to 4 adults is more difficult than fishing with a mix of fewer adults, and a couple children/young adults.

We want you to be as comfortable as possible, but it can get crowded with the full capacity of 6 adults, including Captain Matty.

Fish Moxie supplies all the fishing gear and equipment, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing anything on your own beforehand.

After our ride is over and we’ve secured our catches, Captain Matty gives you the option to take your fish home.

In that case, he will properly clean your catch so you can enjoy it for dinner.

Captain Matty has a lot of experience and if you’d rather clean your own fish, he will give you the best tips on how to clean and prepare your next seafood meal.

Come ride with Fish Moxie and see the lake wonders that Michigan has to offer.

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